Where is the huge growth of tourists promised by former Minister Ilyin Dimitrov

Kranevo Beach Wide shot

We should be in the middle of the season by now. Where are the tourists?

Empty beaches, empty hotels. The campaign of Guest House 51 "Early summer" ended up with advertising costs exceeding the revenues made on the promotion.

Even if we look for the reasons in the vicinity of the war, the fear of water pollution the lack of interest and inactivity of the official government and the new, this is the real situation. You can read more about our empty resorts in the following article:

The situation with tourism in Bulgaria seems to be completely exhausted and we cannot be angry with the Bulgarian tourists who preferred Greece. And we can only congratulate the governments of Croatia, Greece, Turkey, and even Albania for what they have done for tourism in their countries.

And if you want to find out why this is so, you can read in the article below:

However, we hope to see you this summer as well. For some, it may be worth it to avoid waiting at border crossings.